This is Peakof Foods

High-quality Farm Produce and Products

We specialize in the production, procurement, processing, and sales of healthy agricultural products grown in our farms and those of our accredited partners.

Our Produce

We will continuously strive to become an international leader in the production of natural, high-quality foods, and food products.




Our Story

Supply The Best Organic Products Since 2015

Our main product lines include:

  1. Fresh Fruits such as Citrus (Sweet Oranges, Lemon, Grapefruits, Tangelo).
  2. Fresh vegetables such as Tomatoes, Spinach, “Efo Tete”, “Ewuro”, Lemongrass,
  3. Seeds and Seedlings. (Cassava seed multiplication in progress)
  4. Cassava and Cassava products
  5. Fresh Processed Fruit products such as Fruit Drinks and Juices. (coming soon).
  6. Processed Food products such as Canned Chopped Tomatoes (coming soon)
  7. Hybrid Fruit species. (coming soon)


Best chemical practices

Fresh & Healthy

Natural and sweet produce

100% Organic

Grown in a healthy farm

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

Our core values

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delivering value to our customers is prime.

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