Peakof Foods Nigeria Ltd is a  company focused on producing, and processing fruits and vegetables in the short to medium-term and expanding to other lines of business in the long term.


Our mission is to harness, process, market and export high-quality farm produce and agricultural products for our global customers.


Meet nutritional needs of society to enhance quality of life. Contribute to attainment and sustenance of food security in Nigeria Become relevant in contributing to global food supply.


Integrity – we stand by our words come what may.
Quality – we cannot afford to and we don’t compromise on quality. Customer service – delivering value to our customers is prime.
Care for the environment – we want to leave it better than we met it.


We Provide The Best Edible farm produce

  • We will continuously strive to become an international leader in the production of natural, high-quality foods, and food products.
  • We will drive the most prolific market penetration for our range of natural and healthy food products.
  • We will continuously improve the quality and marketing of natural foods, fruits, and other related agricultural products.

Why Choose Us

Here are some of the  main benefits that you our customers will get from our company.

Fastest Work

Delivery service Available at our outlets

Global Focused

Farm produce with international standard

Clean Work

100% secure payment

Proper Take Care

Support Call us today

Home Delivery
Happy People
Tons Of Goods
Tree plant

Let's Bring Quality fruits Into Your Lovely House

Fresh Fruits such as Citrus (Sweet Oranges, Lemon, Grapefruits, Tangelo).

Fresh vegetables such as Tomatoes, Spinach, “Efo Tete”, “Ewuro”, Lemongrass,

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